Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, here it goes... my first attempt at blogging.

I hope it goes well...doesn't overly humiliate anyone. *G*

I hope to put down my thoughts, display some quilts & other projects, and just generally talk about's a blessing, even during the tough times. Once I get the hang of this, I'll share it w/ my friends & family. Meanwhile...consider this practice!


Anonymous said...

Show us quilts! We want quilts!
Tooki :)

Anonymous said...

G'day Donna Mc! This is the very first time I've ever done this! I've saved you to Favourites so I'll look in now and then. Love that photo of you and your hairier son! LOL!
Good luck!
Kate Smith aka Lolkate

Patricia said...

Hi Donna, glad you posted the URL for your blog. I'll come and visit every once in a while, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of your quilting projects and reading about your and your family's life.
Wishing you a very productive (quilting-wise!) 2008 and sending lallyhugs over the pond,