Friday, January 11, 2008


I LOVE Fridays. Sundays are the Lord's day, but He has gifted me with my Fridays. Every since going back to work - first at Bethel UMC, and now at FBC Lithia Springs, I've been blessed to have Fridays off. And believe me ~ it really is a blessing! I get up, take the boys to school - and then have the entire day (up until it's time to pick them up from school,) ALL for ME! I can catch up on housework, read, have the tv on ANY show I feel like listening to as I do other things, surf the net & read my emails uninterrupted, read uninterrupted, pay bills uninterrupted, plan and design quilt projects, dig & search through my fabric stash to my heart's content, and actually sew and quilt..... ALL UNINTERRUPTED!! Well, I take that back ~ Riley is here with me! He follows me from room to room, lays at my feet as I sew, ....he occasionally interrupts me to let him go outside, or come back inside. But he's so sweet, silly & playful I don't mind his interruptions. He's my sweet beast. The boys call him 'their hairer brother'... therefore, he's my hairy-er son. *G*

Everyone should have a day to themselves....weekly if possible. If not - as often as they can manage. It's so productive to your mind, heart and soul.

AND just in case you are far I've started some laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it, cleared off the kitchen's always a mountain of clutter, paid bills, AND done my fair share of surfing the net. All this with my dizzy labrynthitus condition! (I move a little slower/more carefully - but so far, so good. By the end of the day...we'll see.)
Happy Friday Y'all!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hooo am I your first "common-tater"? Nice start to your blog and you are doing it exactly right IMHO. Ryley is such a great lap dog and photographs so well. Here's hoping your Labrynth-itis disappears forthwith and you can use your next Friday off to do something creative with your stash!

Margy said...

Love the photo Donna.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one, Donna! I'd just add 'lunch with girlfriends' as a vital regular relaxation tool.

Marcie said...

Heyyyyyy chickie! Happy Birth-day to your blog too. Love the picture of you and Riley. My feet are so cold right now, I could use a Riley laying at my feet. *g* I have you on my Google reader thing so I can keep up when you post. I can't post a comment from there but know I am here for ya hon! *g* Hugs and good work!

Naomi Haverland said...

Your so lucky... next year I will have TWO days a week to myself! That's two more days than I have ever had in my life... since I've had kids.
But I don't think I will ruin my precious alone time by doing laundry or housework. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet.
I am SOOOOO glad you are blogging- I think you will find it to be theraputic. I print all of my blogs at the end of the year and put them in a note book- it substitutes for a scrapbook (which I refuse to do). I added your site to my blog favorites list!