Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 2010 - Our 25th Anniversary in "Mayberry"

Mount Airy North Carolina is the home of the real "Mayberry". It's a charming little town that has embraced it's claim to fame - the Andy Griffith Show. It's old main street has lots of quaint shops, Opie's Candy Store, The Bluebird Diner, Floyd's Barber Shop, and Snappy Lunch...and yes, I found a quilt shop.

Further down the street is the 'Old Court House', and Wally's Service Station - home to the old squad car rides. Tucked behind Wally's is the Darlin place...complete with a still. The folks in Mayberry are just as kind and friendly as the folks old in the old tv show....Southern hospitality as it's best. We had a fun day there enjoying the scenary, small-town atmosphere, and just being together on our anniversary.


Renate said...

How cool is that....a police car with a cherry on top!!! lol