Saturday, June 12, 2010

Misc. Nonsense from our Trip

The beauty of digital cameras is that you can take pictures of just any old thing you see, even when it's silly, or stupid, or just plain HUH? You can take a picture just for the fun of it. Here's some of the ??? pictures from our trip to NC.

Ian took a bunch of glowsticks & put them on his bike. Made for some fun pictures & cool ride-bys in the campground!

This Hawg passed us as we were driving home...we got a kick our of the little hawg riding with him. I guess some bikers have a silly side.

Seriously! WHO DESIGNED THIS THING! THAT'S JUST BAD!!!! So where's the giant Preparation H??

The proximity of this "Fatz" sign with the giant peach butt... What this on purpose???

The boys got a kick out of Chief's Wings & of their Sunday School leaders is Chief! FIREwater + our friend the Fire Chief = lots of laughs.

Cole has a future business waiting for him!

I didn't know I had a barber shop!

What a bull!!