Saturday, June 26, 2010

Carpe Quiltem

Carpe Quiltem.... seize the quilt!

The Lallyquilters have the biggest hearts of anyone I know. Each lady in the quilting group has gifts, knowledge and stories to share, all this enriching, delighting, and touching the hearts & minds of the group. Recently, we decided to make a difference in something that affects almost all of us. Each and every one of us has been touched by cancer in one way or another - either a personal battle, or a loved one or friend has had to deal with the dreaded 'big C'. Sometimes these battles have happy ending, other times, the disease is just too strong. Using our gifts - our quilting skills - we decided to make a raffle quilt that will help Conquer Cancer ...all of the proceeds from the raffle will be given to cancer research. In a small, but personal way, we are helping stop cancer.

Each lady who contributed picked a 'cancer awareness ribbon color' for breast cancer, etc, and made an Ohio Star block. Then she mailed the block to Dondy in PA. Dondy collected the blocks & assembled the quilt top, back, and presentation bag using these special blocks. Her attention to detail, arrangement of the blocks, pressing, and fabulous workmanship was amazing! Upon completing this portion of the quilt, Dondy then mailed it to me. My job was to quilt it. So for the past couple of weekends I've been totally focused on that...and in my happy place, because I'm been quilting like crazy! In addition to quilting 'in the ditch' on each individual block, I also quilted a little Celtic motif between each block top/bottom/side, and then an expanded version of this Celtic motif all along the outer border.

Here are some pictures of the quilt's sojourn at my house....

The next step on this quilt's journey is back to PA, this time to Valerie, who will prepare it for the raffle which will take place in Ontario Canada at the Fergus Scottish Festival & Games in mid-August. Valerie will help us publicize the quilt, handle the raffle tickets. When we have a winner - I'll add additional information & pictures but for now, the Lallyquilters have worked together, encouraged each other, and supported this very special project together...Carpe Quiltem!

AUGUST 20 UPDATE - the raffle raised almost $900.00!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So lovely! Or should I say sew lovely, Donna and Dondy... Mine is the black and grey one. It is interesting to see how unique a quilt block can be even when we use the same pattern. Some have the white in the middle, some on the inner points of the star, some only the outer corners. This was a really nice idea and I just love the back. There is something about a pieced back that thrills me. Hugs, Lady Rosien in Colorado