Friday, April 16, 2010

Backyard Critters

Some of our Backyard Critters....

Humming bird

Barred Owl (Comes to Pop's backyard every morning to check out the squirrel buffet.)

Beautiful Blissful-Roxanne Butterfly - native to Colorado, can be found by following the sounds of giggles, glee and extreme silliness, known to be very musical and sometimes chooses to dance instead of fly.

Common Yard Apes...relaxing in their natural habitat.Be careful - they are dangerous. Often eat you out of house & home.

Rare Blue Flying Goober... only seen near trampolines... on Easter.

Rare Ian-Stinker - hasn't been seen in many years. Suspected of changing his appearance,by shedding his skunk-like skin and evolving into another kind of stinker...a teenager.