Friday, April 2, 2010

Signs of Spring 2010

Today is BEAUTIFUL!! The sky is brilliant blue and the sun is shining, the temperature is mild, the flower blossoms are popping out, and the birds are twitterpated. It's just so stinkin' pretty we HAD to go outside with the camera...or should I say cameras!!

This morning we played 'dualing cameras'. Blake had one camera - with the big 200mm lens, and I had the other - with the 'regular' lens. Both of us took pictures of the various flowers in the yard...violets, clover, dandelions, and our peach blossoms. Here's a sampling of the results. Can you tell who took the picture???

(Hint - right click on the picture...the properties 'name' of the picture has a "B" or a "D" to identify who took the picture, but a couple pictures don't have this ID, they were Blake's.)


This is my favorite sign of spring....Blake taking flower pictures!