Friday, May 7, 2010

Flamingo Fun

Our U-TURN student ministries just started a new fund raiser....they are 'Flamingo Flocking' yards. You can buy a flock and send them to a friend's yard...done in secret, during the night. What a surprise to wake up to! OR you can buy 'Flamingo Insurance' - in hopes of preventing your yard from being flocked. Either way - it's lots of fun. (All the funds raised go towards summer youth camp at the beach.)

Cole had lots of fun playing with the flamingos...until they attacked!!!!!!

And I had a little Photoshop fun, too! =)


Anonymous said...

Great pics Donna. Only three more years till your oldest turns back into a human bean (*G*)

You captured some priceless moments there!
Vicki B

Naomi said...

My mom actually flamingo flocked her yard ON PURPOSE once. She's crazy.