Friday, January 1, 2010

Here Comes 2010!

Happy New Year!

Here's some pictures of our New Years celebrations....

I attempted to make some homemade pretzels for us to snack on. While the dough itsn't hard to make, it was hard to get them pretzel bites all the same size. You have to boil the pretzel bites before baking them...kinda weird and a hassle if you ask me. But I followed all the directions...and this was the result. A tasty treat...weird looking, but yummy topped with melted butter.

We had loads of great food. Pam made a huge, tasty brisket in her jacuzzi sized slow cooker. Blake made some artichoke dip, pico de gallo, and guacamole dip...all recipes from his new Pioneer Woman cookbook. Wahoo ~ PW Rocks! (Sorry I didn't get any pictures of all that...I was busy w/ the pretzel making stuff.)

Our New Years tradition of hanging around the fire like a much of homeless people in the cold carries on. It was a cool, foggy evening. The wind didn't blow the smoke into our faces, so it was actually quite pleasant around the fire.

Lots of family & friends around always makes for a good time - the laughter & nonsense were flowing quite um, liberally!?! Rusty & Blake up to their usual brotherly well as dear Bea. (We're so glad Bea & the family always drive out & join the fun!)

Fireworks always adds a smokey but fun element to the evening.

Alex & Cole have been thoroughly 'indoctrinated' into their pyromaniac roots by their dads.
They have one really weird 'firework' called a 'Snake' light the little black coin looking thingy & it grows into a long black snake thingy that looks like something unpleasant the cat left for you.

I love taking pictures of the kids playing with sparklers.
Cole & Alex had a great time.

But by the end of the evening, the kids (and I!) were pretty tired. We slept pretty late this morning! I think Cole looks like a mummy in a snuggy!

Tomorrow we're planning to drive up to Cloudland Canyon for some hiking. With the cold, wet weather we're hoping the waterfalls will have some pretty icicles. The next blog post will hopefully have pictures of our day there.

Well, 2010 is officially here. May it bring love, laughter & Joy to us all. May the blessings be plentiful beyond our wildest dreams, and may the Lord's presence in our lives allow us to reach beyond our boundries and let His Light shine in all we do.


Marcie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. The pretzel bits look delicious! I sure miss the days where we had a bonfire for New Year's. Thanks for sharing and have fun camping!

Donna said...

Hi Donna!

Looks like a great time. You gotta love a bonfire. My guys are all pyromaniacs, too. My kids would always bang pots and pans at midnight - ear splitting!

Happy New Year to you and your gang.

Rennie said...

Looks like sooo much fun!!! Bonfires are always fun!