Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Here's a few photos from our day....

Our Tree

The boys when they first see the goodies Santa brought them.

Let the fun begin!

Blake got the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, a new flute case, and some new camera lenses. The lenses were part of a surprise package that a friend sold to me for practically nothing. We now have 2, yes I said 2 Nikon D50's with all the lenses! Wahoo! (While we don't have a picture of it, I am the proud new owner of a standup mixer. I hope to make lots of bread & goodies with the help of this new toy. I've already made one batch of pizza kneads stuff we need soooooo well! Wahoo!)

Ian got some Halo undies, and games, and can now say "This is all I need..."

Cole was happy with his Halo toys, book (which he read in 1 day!), and his surprise MP3 player. Now he can be like the big kids & walk around listening to his music...and NOT have to listen to his brother sing.

The picture of the day was Ma & Poppy....we got Ma a 'head massage thingy'...I think Poppy likes it!

The kids ALL got some Silly String. It made for a fun Silly String battle in the front yard at Ma & Pops' place.

Riley got the first present of the day. He's been so excited & anticipating his new 'duck', so we gave it to him first thing Christmas morning. He was such a happy puppy....and he's so easy to please!

With all the hustle & bustle, and business of the Season, sometimes we get crabby & grumpy...especially with the ones closest to us. Recently, after an especially 'challenging' day, I declared a Christmas assignment. We were each assigned to write down 3 things we love about each other. We had to put some thought into it, and really think about what we love and appreciate about the ones closest to us. Christmas Morning, before opening anything, we took time to reflect upon the special meaning of Christmas, and read our 3 reasons to each other. It was really sweet & special. Blake being Blake decided to take a poetic turn with his thoughts.....
(click on the picture to enlarge it)

The day ended on an especially pretty note....

Thank you, Lord, for Christmas, for unexpected blessings & surprises, for boys & their toys, for happy pups, for poems and their inspired writers, and for beautiful sunsets. Merry Christmas!