Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Is...

Christmas is so many things. Family gatherings, new traditions & old ones, shopping, special music, pretty lights, and glittery things. It's making things for loved ones, and wrapping up presents. Keeping secrets & trying to remember where you hid the goodies! It's fun ~ people smiling & laughing together at parties, going to band concerts, and spending a day (or 2 or 3) decorating!

Here's a little bit of the Christmas at our house...

Christmas is Joyful angels, angels on tabletops, atop trees, and all over the mantel with a nativity scene. And stockings lovingly made and hung with care.

Christmas is a piano covered with snowmen, santas, and pictures of the boys with Santa. Silly little snowmen who shouldn't have had hot chocolate, and pretty snowladies made with love... that make you smile. I love looking at all the pictures and how the boys grew each year.

Christmas is nutcrackers and snowglobes, and villages complete with their own Bumble! I think these are Cole's favorites. He puts the village together & arranges everything, and he plays with all the Nugcrackers & Snowglobes.

Christmas is being silly...
Ethel found a cozy place to sleep amongst the Santa hats.
Riley discovering there is a new toy 'duck' hidden on the tree. He knows it's for him and gets so excited!
Bobbin looks like she's worried...she knew she's been bad! So now she's snuggling up to Blake, trying to make some brownie points before Christmas!

The boys not cooperating for a Christmas's practically an annual tradition. We settled on the 2nd was the least lame of the bunch. =/

It wouldn't be my house without a quilt decorating the room some how...
and a wee little quilt hung on a door, too.

But above all Christmas is Jesus. After all... Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas!