Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow! January 2010

Wahoo! It started snowing yesterday. As usual, this created major panic, mayhem, and general chaos is Georgia. Lots of folks race to the grocery store for milk & bread. Personally, I think TP & popcorn would be more essential & useful, but that's just my personal opinion! hahaha We don't get snow often enough to learn how to live with it. So, to us it's fun, it's pretty, and it's a reason to stay home & play! The boys had a snow day off from school ~ which pleased them greatly to say the least. Blake ran outside last night & took some pictures. He even turned our Christmas lights back on just to see how it looked in the snow. But it's also a hazard....the tv news is showing lots of video of cars sliding on the ice and crashing into each other. Just up the way from our back gate 2 cars mixed it up a few minutes ago! So when it snows - we'll just stay home and play ...and I made some bread. (Yum!) Sounds like a good way to spend a cold winter day!


Rennie said...

Donna, I love the pic where Riley is rolling in the snow!!! Glad you're staying safe & having fun!