Sunday, March 22, 2009

Squirrel World

This afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting Blake's mom's newest fur-baby friends...2 baby squirrels she had rescued. One had fallen out of a tree in the yard & was on the ground squawking in distress. High up in the oak tree above it was it's brother - also in distress. No mama squirrel anywhere in sight...a hawk may have got her. So Ma & Rusty rescued both of them after they determined the mama was indeed gone.
The babies are living in a hollow gourd on Ma's front porch and every few hours she feeds them warm goats milk.We estimate their age to be around 5 weeks. So far they are doing great. Their eyes have opened & they are getting more active.

I think this one was looking for a warm, fuzzy & funny-smelling place to hide....but for some reason, Ian just wouldn't let a baby squirrel hide in his arm pit. *G*

Baby squirrels are very difficult to raise. They just don't do well without their real mama, but we're hoping these little guys will make it. Meanwhile, we all enjoyed feeding them, and snuggling with them.

Look how precious they are with their little squirrel-arms wrapped around each other as they sleep.


Carole said...

Those pictures are just so sweet! And feeding them from the dropper. I hope they survive!

Shell said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! They are freakin' adorable!!!! I just wanna snuggle them. Absolutely precious and great shots of them. I LOVE the one of it feeding with it's eyes closed. So sweet. I'm glad you could share those with us.

Marcie said...

Hey sweets, I'm so glad I popped by your Blog today! What a cute bunch of pictures. Just warms my heart to see those cute little guys with you and Ian. I sure hope they make it too. Huggles lass.

Donna said...

They are precious, Donna! Thanks for posting these pics. Looks like you've got your hands full. The boys will always remember those little furry critters.