Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs of Spring...(part 2)

What else says 'SPRING!'?

The Redbuds blossoms.

It's funny - REDbuds bloom purpley-pink. In fall the leaves turn yellow. So who named them REDbuds? But either way ~ they're very pretty.

Other early spring bloomers we've seen - daffodils/jonquils, pretty but stinky bradford pears, bright yellow forsythia or yellowbells, and some violets are peeping up.

And a SURE sign of spring - camping and fishing fever have hit hard.
We're planning a springbreak camping trip for the 1st weekend in April. Let's hope & pray we have pleasant weather. We really need a good de-stressing camping trip.


Marcie said...

Oooooh, more good bee shots! I love these! I try so hard to get good close ups but I don't think my camera is up for it. I can't wait to see the photos Blake gets from the camping trip next week. I hope he can find some violets to photograph. Waiting to see. *g* You guys have fun!