Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Room with a View?

Our old scarecrow has spent the entire winter underneath the mulberry tree. It has really gotten 'weathered' and I'm sure the shirt & jeans are pretty rotten by now. But someone thinks it's perfect. A squirrel has been hanging around the scarecrow, crawling in & out of it, and even tugged & pulled at the fabric...tearing off pieces for a nest, maybe?

The first time Blake noticed it, the squirrel was tunneling up and down the inside of the pants legs. At one point its fuzzy tail was hanging out the zipper area. THAT would have been priceless picture! THEN the squirrel turned around and had it's head poking out the fly/zipper area! Just looking around, checking out the view. Blake has been trying to get a picture of this comical squirrel. So far - this is the only picture of the the scarecrow & squirrel together, but we're patient...maybe that silly squirrel will pose for Blake again, soon. We'll keep watching.

Meanwhile, here's what I think our little squirrel is cooking up. I think its a SHE, being a picky female - wanting the new home to look just right before she invites her guy over. She's setting herself up in a squirrel penthouse and is getting ready for her hunky boyfriend, Super-Squirrel, to come sweep her off her little squirrelly feet, and take her to land of nuts & honey a-plenty,... where they will live happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

Donna you crack me up! "Super studly squirrel." The pictures of the squirrel with head or tail out the fly of the jeans would be priceless too.
Vicki B

Donna Mc said...

I'm really hoping Blake can catch that picture. Just the mental image is hysterical. The pants were zipped up higher until Miss Squirrel start running in & out - so hopefully, we'll capture that silliness on film soon. So funny!!

Naomi said...

SO cute!
The squirrel reminds me of my kids- they'll be doing something adorable, but as soon as I have my camera handy, they stop.