Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Officially Have a Smart Kid in the House

Cole recently received the Superintendent's Scholar Award for keeping a 3.5 or above GPA and no discipline problems during his Freshman year at LSHS.  He actually ended up the year with a 4.0 GPA ~ Wahoo!  It was so nice seeing the kids receive their awards.  Good kids! Each one unique, proud, and smiling, with their bright futures, goals and ambitions and all within reach! Wahoo!!!

We're just a little proud of our Cole.... he even dressed up for the occasion!

Our principal, Dr. A.

Superintendent of Schools, Mr. P.

And a SMILING Cole!

Someone got tall!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Camping October 2013

Thanks to the goobers in Washington DC shutting down all things within the federal govt. during Oct. our planned camping trip to Lake Conasauga (which is in the National Forest system), had to be reworked to a Gordan county park in N GA called Salacoa Creek. So we made the best of it and camped...  It was in the mountains (more or less), it was camping, it had a lake, and we had a great view of the lake from our campsite. The lower part of the campground was CROWDED! People were parked cheek to cheek, and everyone was having fun socializing amongst each other.  But we tend to want a more isolated, quiet spot when we camp - so we were up on the hill, away from the crowds.  We had one camping-neighbor, but they tended to stay in their camper, so no noise from them.

All in all, we had a great time. Blake fished, the boys & I sat around camp reading, and playing McScrabble ...a made up version of scrabble just for fun, and we spent some time hiking at Fort Mountain.  The weather was perfect - cool and refreshing. and Murphy seemed to enjoy his first camping trip, too!

Murphy (L) met a friend while hiking, another friendly Golden.

This is Murphy SMILING at Ian, begging for a hotdog. I wish it was in focus,
but he's wiggling so much is hard to get a good picture of that silly smile.

ANOTHER attempt to capture Murphy's smile.
It looks EVIL, but he's just a grinning fool!

The sunrise view from our campsite.

Marching Season 2013

Our show this year is 'A Night at the Movies'. Songs include a little bit of 'Despicable Me', The Fox fanfare, The Incredibles (where they wore masks I made for part of the season), Skyfall from 007 James Bond movie, and finally a great arrangement of the new Star Trek theme movie. Very intense & dramatic.
Here's a few pictures from this marching season...

Awaiting the big cannon BOOM at an away game.

An ET moment between our old Drum Major Tara, and our new Drum Major Bayna.

Bayna & Uriah, Drum Majors

Band Director Mr. McC w/ his son, Ian.

My favorite picture of the season!
Super Ian!!!