Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm a bad blogger lately.  So it's time to CATCH UP!

Halloween is different now that the boys are so much bigger. This year, instead of going from Ma's to Uncle Sonny's, to Aunt Bessie's, etc etc etc, we did a Trunk at FBCLS's Trunk Fest. Despite plenty of time to plan, the guys just kinda tossed it together at the last moment....but that's okay. Everyone had a great time.

The boys and their weird 'traditional pose'.

Ma did a trunk for Trunk Fest!!  Wahoo!!!

Altho' they look more like 'grumpy cat', this is our Fishing Trunk.

Pam the Bag lady, and Alex the Hobo.

Cole's loot.  Yes, that is catsup in there, too.

Our costumes for 2013... Ian is Mal Reynolds from the tv show Firefly, and Cole is his trusty pilot, Wash.   While Cole's costumes was ridiculously easy...wearing Blake's shirt and carrying a dinosaur toy, Ian's jacket came out great, but was a BOOGER to make.