Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jean's Quilt

In November a friend from church asked me if I could make a quilt for his dear wife's Christmas.  There was no way  I could get it done by Christmas, but despite LOTS of set backs (multiple deaths in the family, getting sick with the crud, Riley's sudden illness & loss, and just trying to live,breathe, work, and be a wife & mom...)  I did get it done before Easter....and Jean loves it!

I kept the design pretty simple ~  9-Patches alternating with a plain block, all large 15" blocks.   Heres the progress from beginning to end....

9-Patch blocks

Blocks rows ready to be sewn together. (Ignore the Neanderthal feet peeking out.)

Finished - but no borders yet... but its alreay BIG!

I just had inches to go, but....

only this much thread! 
(I made it, with a few inches of thread to spare. Whew!)

Corner blocks & a little bit of the border.

My faithful helper Riley was always underfoot whenever I sew.
He was with me for most of this project....I still miss him so much.

Border stencil

Border whirls & swirls all quilted.
I think this was my favorite part of this quilt.

Swirls where quilted onto all the plan blocks.

Thats a lotta quilt to wrestle with!

FINISHED April 1, 2012!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing job well done! I think you are going to miss having it around until you are well into your next "creative" project.
Have a blessed Easter!

SweetPepperRose said...

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