Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Easter was beautiful.  The weather was perfect. The flowers are magnificent. The food was abundant.  And being together with the entire family at church was just so sweet.

The Easter Blake has the FBCLS Easter Egg Hunt!

Church was especially interesting this year because Pastor Kevin's 'Walk through the Old Testament' focused on the prophet Isaiah this week. Kevin decided to so things a little big different....not only did he preach out of the book of Isaiah. He became Isaiah! One of the most riveting Sunday sermons we've had. He walked in looking like an old man, singing in Hebrew. He sat down amongst some 'rocks' for the entire sermon, and spoke with a very strange (african? island? hebrew?) accent. A very different Easter service, indeed.

After church we all had our picture made in front of the beautiful flowered cross...
The amazing foot-less McMichen family.

And we attempted the traditional torture session of photos with the boys after church. Every year it's the same - like working with rabid monkeys.  Not a happy pose or cooperative body in the bunch.  So much for great family pictures.   Moving on....

And some silly photos at Ma's...

I don't usually like pictures of me. I'm just self conscious and would rather TAKE pictures than be in pictures.... but I gotta say, this picture came out pretty stinkin' cute!  I like it!

Happy Easter!