Monday, February 13, 2012

Dizzy Geese

The LallyQuilters and I recently started a new 'project' we  call 'One Block Wonders'.   We pick a quilt block that appeals to us, or has a technique that we want to learn and all the participants make one block. This gives us a chance to make a block, learn from the experience, but not be bogged down or obligated to make a whole bunch of blocks. ONE block is do-able for just about everyone.  Everyone who made a block then has their name tossed into a hat & a winner is selected.  What do they win?  They will ALL the blocks for that One Block Wonder project.  Sounds like fun to me!  
I submitted a complicated, but beautiful quilt block for our first OBW project. I stumbled on this block on a blog & just loved it. It's called Dizzy Geese....named for the flying geese units 'flying' round the center block. After a little research, I found the block's pattern available in 2 books. One of these books was available at my local library, the other for less than $5.00 on Amazon. I scanned the pattern, instructions, and templates at work, and emailed them on a PDF file to the Lallyquilters. Everyone was excited about this project and eager to begin. We've had quite a few stumbling blocks along the way, but I'm happy to say I finally got my block done today. Wahoo!   While my block far from perfect, it was a great learning experience and a great challenge.

Center square

Adding the corners on.

Next section C+ D

A/B section (Center section) + C/D section.
Now for some flying geese units...

Finally got the block all squared up to 17 1/2" . This was a challenge!

Ooops! Do you see the error?
One set of my flying geese are trying to escape!
Sneaky geese!

Finished Dizzy Geese in plaid block.