Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unto Us A Child Is Born!

The Advent Banners for FBCLS are finally done. Wahoo!
This definitely was a looong term project. I mentioned it in my 'Goals' post back in January, and started collecting the fabrics. Over the last several months I've enlarged the pattern & drafted it onto the fusible. and I'm so happy to say that it's finally finished as of yesterday...November 4th. It wasn't a HARD project, but at times, very tedious. My favorite part about it are the fabrics. The bright fabrics just really sing! I love it.

I have to give a HUGE thanks to Sherry H. and Vickie T. for helping with the cutting out of all those pieces. We had a lot of fun at our impromptu Saturday night 'cutting party'! AND a SUPER-GIANT Thank You to Pam for helping me during our marathon assembly day yesterday. Our brains work well together, and together we got 'er done in our "Shake an' Bake" style of quilting/crafting & sewing.... 'I helped!'.

UPDATE - Dec. 21st....  Each Sunday of Advent a different banner has been brought in by the family who does the Advent Reading/Candle lighting.  Its really been lovely seeing the banners displayed in our Worship Center.  But they were displayed separately - not as a group.  BUT  on Christmas Eve our congregation will finally see them assembled together into one and here's a sneak peak....

I am thrilled beyond words to have these banners in our church. 
I had fun making them, but to God be the glory!


Lady Keira said...

Oh Donna,
These are beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Well done Donna! If these aren't as nice in a photo...then the real thing must really know your socks off. What a wonderful gift you have to make these come alive.


Anonymous said...

That should have been "knock" your socks off!

CaroleM said...

Wonderfully done!!

Marcie said...

So beautiful Donna! You are truly an artist with your sewing skills!