Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

The sights of Thanksgiving 2011....
(In no particular order.)

Cole with a big ol' Florida Grasshopper-bug!   I remember seeing these when I was a kid...I usually encountered them face-to-face when climbing a tree.

Cole, Ian and  Levi - sitting on the porch waiting for the dinner bell to ring.

Many a Hancock as passed the time of day on this front porch.
Cole enjoying a quiet moment with his book.
Courtney with her favorite pie!  (My Peppermint Chocolate pie tastes just like an Andes Candy. YUM!)
Me, sitting on the porch...the ceiling has ALWAYS been this bright blue.

Blake, after a fun day of golfing with the Neanderthals...their annual Thanksgiving week tradition.
Cole checking out the sandhill cranes at the golf course.
Golfing Goobers!!!!!  All we need now is the Dancing Gopher from Caddie Shack!

Ian...who finished the first draft of his novel while we are visiting FL.  A change of scenary must be good for the creative soul.
Mama, Wilbur, and David....with their Thanksgiving meal aftermath.
Blake's artsy photo of some moss early in the morning.
Mama with her hairiest grandchild...Riley.  He just snuggled up to her, sat down and smiled for the camera.

Mama with some of her grandkids....Levi, Courtney, Ian, Cole....and Riley.

Levi, Mama, and David.
Cole, Blake, Me, Ian...and Riley, of course.
Gary, Courtney and Carol with Mama.
Connie and Johnnie with Mama.

And me, with my dear big brothers, Gary, Johnnie, David, and Mama.

The Hancock Family Thanksgiving annual photo.

I'm so thankful for my family.