Friday, January 14, 2011


Considering we live in the South, you'd think winter would be pretty mild, boring, & dull. Everything a blah, boring winter-color. The temperatures cool, but nothing brutal, and no excitement. Well that changed big time last Sunday! It started snowing really hard, and then a load of sleet & freezing rain was dumped on top of the 5+" of snow we got.

This is Bobbin, on the porch railing, begging to come into the house because it was snowing all over her. She DID NOT like it!

Even the birds were having a hard time coping. Blake put out plenty of birdseed, but I saw birds slipping & sliding around. They couldn't grip & would loose their balance...a very funny sight!

A little squirrel trying to keep warm & out of the wind.

School ended up being canceled (one day at a time) the entire week. What started out as a WAHOO ~ No School or Work Celebration slowly turned into Cabin Fever. Everyone wanted to get out & go somewhere...but we couldn't. The entire area has been completely encased in ICE. And not just a little ice.... A LOT of ICE. The roads are a nightmare. The tv news has had non-stop coverage of the chaos to the point we're sick of it. Enough! Yes, it's snowy & icy. Yes, GA doesn't have many snow-plows. Yes, it's inconvenient...but pull up your big girl panties & deal with it, people. It's mother can't change it! So just sit back - enjoy the view, appreciate the down-time and chill.
Georgia Snow Plow

I missed 3 days of work, and VERY cautiously went in on Thursday & Friday. Upon arriving at work, I discovered an 'ice skating rink', sidewalk-slide, and beautiful icicles with the long awaited sun shining on them.. No matter how bad things seem, there's always something beautiful...if you look. Here's are some pictures from around FBCLS.

The Neanderthals finally got out of the house Friday afternoon. They went up to FBCLS to try & use their neanderthal skills to bust up the ice on the sidewalk. It was a tough job - but I think it will make a difference, & be a bit safer on Sunday.
Skating Rink!

It's now Saturday morning...almost a full week of this "Snowmageadon", as the weatherman calls it, and the melt down is finally in motion ~ slow motion, but finally in motion. (Altho' I just heard the weatherman say there might me some more freezing rain soon!) According to local folklore, if snow stays on the ground for 3 days, we'll get more before winter is over. It that's true...we're doomed!