Monday, January 3, 2011


Our Pastor had a fantastic sermon on Sunday about making the most from your New Year. One of the main points was simply having goals.

His outline made it simple as A B C D...
Assume Responsibilty for my life. Gal. 6:5.
Believe that I can change. Phil. 4:13
Clarify What I really want - What's important? Job 34:3-4, I Cor.10:23
Don't Wait to begin. Eccl. 11:4 Do it NOW!

He challenged us to make SMART Goals....
Specific Motivational Attainable Relevent Trackable
= SMART Goals.

And he reminded us that 'life must be enjoyed under imperfect circumstances'. If we wait for the perfect time, we'll never take that first step out the door.

So with all this in mind I found it very ironic that I had already decided that I would make some goals for the new year. I truly want to accomplish somethings and by putting them in writing - I'm hoping that will make me more accountable for them.

My GOALS for 2011 are:

1. Spend a lot less time in Walmart! ...or any other stores. 'Nuff said.

2. Find time to practice & play music together more often. Either flutes, hammered dulcimers, guitar, or mountain dulcimer...or any combination of the above. Blake & I are blessed by our musical abilities, we need to share that blessing more often. He's been playing in church more regularly, but I just haven't made time for it. Soooo - I want to return this blessing from the Lord but playing for Him more often.

3. Quilts! I have so many projects in my head, as well as numerous UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in boxes that I want to work on. I need to work on these projects - they relax my mind and feed my soul. So, I've made a list of the quilting projects that I want to work on this year. They may all not get done, but if I make some progress ~ ANY PROGRESS!~ on them, then the goal has been met. I WANT to sew, so I will make it a priority instead of making it something to procrastinate about with the best of intentions.

PROJECT LIST: (In no particular order...)

Work on the Feathered Star Medallion Quilt thats been sitting too long. I have the center done - but need to keep going. It's a long term project inspired by a quilt I saw on a calendar. So I have no pattern...just work out each 'layer' as I go. I'm up to the first appliqued floral level...and need to go for it!

Quilt the Celtic Stained Glass - it's ready to be quilting. It's sandwiched together & pinned, all the quilting designs are marked (assuming the marks haved disappeared with the humidity!) so I just need just sit down & do it! I could do this in one day if I concentrated & kept myself motivated.

Put together the Amish block exchange I did with the LallyQuilters. The blocks are done, I just need to assemble them. I've designed a setting on EQ with lots a Flying Geese...just go for it & learn how to make those geese fly!

Various others - Nativity Wallhanging, Plaid Stars, Monster-Alien quilt for Cole, figure out the The Ocean Waves Cross I want to make for my office, the Celtic knot bracelets for next year's Christmas gifts AND the 3D folded fabric star for next year's gifts.

And my #1 one - a labor of love in 2011 is for the Church...make the new Advent Banners!
Wahoo - I've always wanted to make this pattern, now I have the 'go ahead' blessing from our minister of music. I showed him a picture of it as a suggestion for the cover of our Christmas Eve bulletin. He REALLY liked the design, & got all excited about the possiblity of it being our Advent I offered to make it. So no more thinking & dreaming about this one. It's time to order the pattern, shop for fabric, gather a team of ladies who want to help, and DO IT! This one is a GO for 2011!! WAHOOO!


Donna said...

Amen, sister, amen. I need to do the same. I feel the beginnings of an underground shift and I need to look down and figure out what it is, while simultaneously looking up for guidance. But gosh, I'm scared! ~g~


Anonymous said...

Love the quilts!