Saturday, December 4, 2010

Florida Is....

Thanksgiving with loved ones...

We had 63 folks there this year. While it's great to see everyone, it's also sad to see how many dear folks are now gone. But, we remember them with love and many happy memories from Thanksgivings past.

Good times with goofy people your related to.... Sometimes, Ian gives me a 'look' and is the spittin' image of his Uncle David!

And Riley...just happy to be on a road trip with his family!

Weird roadside tourist attractions....This one had everything from fresh oranges, to rockcandy, to ice cream, to an old timey saloon, an Elvis, a dinosaur museum, a REALLy weird display of 'modern art' AND a 'zoo'.
A friendly goat.
Ian with a sheep who later turned into a 'butt head'!

The boys were terrified that the llama would spit on them. The llama was long as they kept feeding it fruit.

Cole liked the Coatimundi.

A weird tree face!

A very friendly kitty at the zoo....but rather odd to see him amongst the wildlife.

A lemur with those beautiful eyes.

Beautiful images of....
Country Dirt Roads

Giant Spiders with hairy knees

Dead Orange Tree in the early morning fog

The early morning fog across a pasture

A Sunset

And where is all began for Blake & I ~ Blanton Methodist Church, established 90+ years ago. We were married there June 9, 1985.

For me, Florida is Thanksgiving, ...and so much more.