Friday, December 10, 2010


It's Christmas Concert Season around here.

Last night, LSHS's band had their concert. Wonderful!!! They played the traditional "Sleigh Ride", and a couple other tunes, but my favorite was the medley of Christmas songs that included a brief, but oh so beautiful solo by Ian! "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" never sounded better.

Tonight was Cole's Turner Middle School's concert. This was the first time Cole got to dress up in concert attire. I think he looks pretty spiffy! (For some silly reason he didn't enjoy it.)

In between sections of the concert - 6th grade finished/7th & 8th grade coming on - Cole's band director, Chris Willis (who is a fraternity brother of Blake's AND plays in the Westside Winds with Blake) had made arrangements for Blake & Karl to play. They played "Christmas Time is Here", from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, & then Karl played 'O Holy Night.' It was fabulous! They got a well deserved standing ovation! Here's Blake & Karl playing, and Blake, Cole, Chris and Karl.

AND finally, last weekend our church presented "Two from Galilee"...a Broadway style musical drama of how Mary & Joseph were in love, came together, and eventually traveled to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. It was FABULOUS!! Kerry, our music minister, has worked himself half insane getting things ready. It was quite a journey for him. There were soooo many talented people involved - on stage and behind the came together in a blessed way that only God can do and was awesome. Blake played in the orchestra with the Westside Winds. I had the privilege of doing a little sewing, and photographing everything. Here's just a few of the photos... (I took over 1000 pictures between the dress rehearsal & the 2 performances. It's so hard to choose which ones to share!) The absolute best part of the show was the Magi, played by 3 of our ministers. They hammed it up perfectly! It completely stole the show. Kudos to Kevin, Danny & Mike!

Now all we have left to do is for Blake & I to get a piece ready for Christmas Eve....YIKES! I haven't played the dulcimer since LAST Christmas Eve!!