Tuesday, August 3, 2010

YUCK Night 2010

Last night was the FBCLS U-Turn Student Ministry Yuck Night. This year the recent grads who are leaving the Youth were in charge of everything, and boy did they have some evil minds that came up with some horrible, revolting, disgusting, gross games.

The games started out with the simple but effective 'Hurricane' bucket of water toss relay. Everybody gets good & wet.

Then, the slimy, slippery crack the egg-into-a-cup. Some folks had a face-full, other's had partners with good aim.

Next, we make 'biscuits'....a plate full of flour with one M&M hidden in there somewhere. A big PUFF of air can be quite effective.

Now its time to get seriously groddy... bobbing for apples in baked beans.

Then we play 'Redneck Paintball'! Dip a marshmallow into the goo and throw it at another team's targetman. This quickly turned into a free-for-all food fight. There was green mayo, blue mashed potatoes, red spaghetti sauce, as well as those apples/baked beans flying every where!

Now for something DIFFERENT! Drink the 'radioactive goop'...which was tonic water and oyster juice. It really glowed under the black lights!!! It smelled HORRIBLE! But according to the kids 'didn't taste that bad.' Hmmm...I still think I'll pass on that refreshment.

How about a little mystery snack...fed to you by a blindfolded friend. (Chocolate pudding w/ oreos & gummys.) Messy, messy!

Finally - the most revolting, nasty smelling, putrid looking game of all...find the raisin in a diaper full of chocolate sauce & diced spam. THIS WAS AWFUL!!!!

After a cook-out, it was finally time to clean up via a babywash slip-n-slide. Wahoo!!!

Bless her heart, Katie has such a blissful look on her face...like she's saying 'cleanse me, Lord, cleanse me!' hahahaha!!!

Events like these are proof that a bunch of teens can have a blast and still keep it 'clean'. No drugs, alcohol, dirty dancing, potty-mouths or high speed thrills were needed for our kids to have an memorable time together. I think that's just awesome! FBCLS U-Turn Student Ministry Rocks! Thank you, Danny & 2010 Seniors! And next year Ian will have the privilege of helping plan Yuck Night! *Bwhahahaha ~ Insert EVIL LAUGH!*


Knitasha1968 said...

Great pics! I have a feeling Ian's momma will be giving him some ideas for next year's event.