Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to Band and Back to School

It's an illusion around here that summer is time off for June, July AND August. School actually starts at the beginning of August...when it's hot, muggy, humid and just plain horrible weather. And because school starts so stinkin' early, that means band camp is at the end of July...when it's hot, muggy, humid and just plain horrible weather for being outside. Add in the fact that our band kids have to march on the asphalt parking lot AND the A/Cs in the school were not working yet, and you have a recipe for sweat, sweat and more sweat. Whew! It was an incredibly hot week!! Here's a few pictures of Ian's senior year of band camp....

Poor Tim's legs were the worst sunburn I'd seen in ages!

I love this shirt!

Our trumpets performing on the last day of camp. It was so hot they had to move the show into the gym.

Our WICKED show shirts!

And here are our annual First Day of School Pictures of Ian and Cole.

Cole is smack in the middle of Middle School...7th grade. He's doing well, so far, and seems to have fallen back into the routine easily...except for first thing in the morning when he just can't wake up! He says 'It's just TOOO early!' He's really excited about playing in the Pep Band for the football games this year. That means extra work for Blake & I.... I'll be photographing the High School Band's events on Friday nights, and then Blake will accompany the middle school band on Saturday mornings. So it's going to be a BUSY fall!! (Cole's band director, Mr. a old fraternity brother of Blake's. We keep trying to get Cole to call him 'Uncle Chris' since Chris is his daddy's 'brother', but Cole just doesn't see the humor in that!)

Ian is proud to be a senior! He's never been overly fond of school, but there actually seems to be a spring in his step, and a little more enthusiasm for life lately. He likes most of his classes, is enjoying band despite the challenges of the heat, has fully embraced the privilege of 'lording over the freshmen', and he has decided to try out for the Scholar Bowl Team. THAT's a first for Ian - to actually go for something voluntarily!! Wahoo! All in all - Ian is awesome. Let hope he continues to enjoy his senior year & has a blast. Wahoo for the class of 2011!