Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling Flakey

Blake took some snowflake pictures.

Snowflakes are just too cool for words - pun intended.

So beautiful, and so unique. Click on the picture to enlarge them & see more detail. I cropped in pretty tight on each individual snowflake, so the picture might go grainy, but they are still pretty. And yes, I played with Photoshop on some of them. Mostly just cropping & lighting...Blake did the rest of the magic with the camera. =)

Each one a work of art.

I love it when God feels artistic.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow ~ Wahoo!

Friday afternoon we were blessed with another snow. (Yes, I know folks up north have been slammed with some unbelieveably massive blizzards, but for us, snow is a blessing! I'd probably feel a lot different about snow if I had to shovel it, but since we don't, I'm always tickled silly when it snows!) School was canceled, and we just waited & watched - hoping for a good one, but worried it would put a damper on a planned dinner with a group from church, but after a call saying the dinner was on, we ventured out.

This is our house as we were leaving. I love how the snow coats & outlines each and every tree branch. Such a pretty sight.

The roads on the way.

Our destination - Sam & Rosco's.

I'm happy to say everyone made it to the dinner & we all had a delightful time together. The trees outside looked like they were in full bloom...with 'snow blossoms'.

The birds were in a frenzy of eating at Blake's Birdy Buffet. There must have been hundreds of visitors there! Blake got a really nice picture of this little downy woodpecker.

Cole & I made some "snow cream". This was the first time for all of us & I'm happy to say it was quite yummy! It would have been better with real cream, but our 2% milk worked well enough.

Bobbin was NOT impressed with the snow. She was completely disgusted with Blake for plopping her out into it. IF looks could kill!!!!

On the other hand, Riley thinks snow is great. He romps, wallows his face in it & plays almost as much as Cole & Ian.

Our local firestation made their own snowman. We think he's pretty cool!

Blake went out early and took some really pretty pictures. The brilliant blue sky behind the snow covered branches are just so lovely. And this single snowflake - shining out in the middle of the snow covered yard. How awesome it that!