Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling Flakey

Blake took some snowflake pictures.

Snowflakes are just too cool for words - pun intended.

So beautiful, and so unique. Click on the picture to enlarge them & see more detail. I cropped in pretty tight on each individual snowflake, so the picture might go grainy, but they are still pretty. And yes, I played with Photoshop on some of them. Mostly just cropping & lighting...Blake did the rest of the magic with the camera. =)

Each one a work of art.

I love it when God feels artistic.


Carole said...


Marcie said...

Just wonderful Donna! Please tell Blake how much we love his photography. If you have PS can you please get the EXIF info on some of these photos and let me know? I am trying to learn to take good macro photos like this and could learn a lot by the settings he used.


Donna said...

Wow Donna, the snowflakes are truly amazing and very humbling. As much snow as I've seen in my life, I don't think I've ever seen a flakes structure before, in person anyway. Could you only see it when zoomed in with the camera? Awesome job, Blake!

I always enjoy your photos!

Hugs :-)

Naomi said...

I am really sick of snow, but those photos are really cool!