Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

I'm TERRIBLY behind on my monthly blog posts.  Life had been topsy-turvy and just plain busy.  I still haven't downloaded all my Christmas pictures onto the PC!  But, since I was updating the blog, I'll toss in these Thanksgiving pictures...
they're only 2+ months old.

Robert having fun with Murphy.

Alishia & Courtney

Hmmm ~ what's that lurking behind us???

Its a Neanderthal named Ian!

Cousins - Cole, Ian, Levi, Alishia, Courtney & Robert

Mama & I with our crochet ruffled scarves.

Falcon on the golf course.

Schnushed nosed Murphy on the ride wonder he was snoring!

Uncle David challenging the billy goat.