Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh the Shame....

Ah, life with man's best friend....  Loyal, loving, devoted, friendly, affectionate, playful and fun. All those describe Murphy. BUT another side of our Goober Hound has emerged lately.  I know it's just a stage ~ kinda like a cross between a toddler and a teen, but WOW!!!   In the last week the destruction count has been:
1 bag of polyfil/stuffing,
2 warhammer figures that Cole paints & builds (one completely crunched, the other glue-able),
4+ clay flower pots & clay pumpkin, 
various plants near the front steps have been de-potted and dragged all over the yard,
1 pair sunglasses,
a tacklebox handle,
some aluminum foil, 
A sleeve of ritz crackers almost snarfed, but was rescued in time
the last hotdog buns (as we were grilling brats and just about ready to use them,)
AND now, his favorite toy in all the world, Hoggie. 
This is NOT including the items items stolen/hoarded & slobbered on....

I've resisted sharing this horrible picture from an earlier incident,
but it seemed to fit in with this particular post...
Yes, I know ~ EWWWWWW!!!!!! Forgive me.

Can I go on a Car Ride????? I promise to be good...

I LOVE Car Rides!!!!

I just keep telling myself ~ 
Puppies are fun. 
    We love puppies. 
          We WANTED a puppy.
                We paid money for this puppy. 
                (Money earned on a quilt I worked hard on!)
                     I'm so glad we didn't name him ' Chewie' like Ian wanted to do.
                             We LOVE MURPHY!!!!

                                     This too shall pass.

UPDATE 11-3-12
Blake heard Murphy chewing on something. He found him with a disposable razor! But only the handle....where was the razor part???  So we had to take Murphy the Goober-hound to the vet to be x-rayed.   $174.00 later we discover good news - no razor inside the beast.  What a way to spend my day off....

Even the vet called him a goober!