Monday, August 6, 2012

End of Our Summer: The Yucky, the Sweaty, and the Soggy....

Today was the first day of school for Douglas Co.  Cole was not amused. The summer seems to go by much too quickly!   So here's a brief recap of the end of our summer 2012....

"Super Moon" over Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Murphy 15 weeks, growing like crazy... and VERY silly.

Cole attended his first band camp at LSHS.  It was HOT HOT HOT on that parking lot, but he hung in there like a trooper.  The band's show is the music of Queen and Journey. 


I 'doctored' up this group photo of the band we took on the last day of band camp.

Murphy is growing & growing & growing. I'm beginning to think he's part billygoat (he eats & chews on the strangest things!) and part magpie (he takes things & stashes them next to his bed.) I caught him eating sticks, rocks, bricks, bugs, carpet, and a tube of GLITTER...which resulted in some very bright & glittery poo!.  He 'steals' towels, toys, empty water bottles, and my bras!  At 4+ months, he's now 44 lbs of clumsy, gawkiness and mischief, and he's completely bonkers over water.  He LOVES water. He plays in his 'pool', in the water hose and sprinkler, in the rain ....
He still sleeps in silly positions ~ usually with his tongue hanging out.

Soggy Murphy, 4 months old

Bobbing for Bones!
And recently discovered the joys of The SHOWER!  One day last week I turned on the shower and he ran in like 'where's the party!!!!!!!'   He then proceeded to yank the shower curtain back while I was IN the shower, bark at me, and slurp that doggie tongue across my belly while I was washing my hair!  INSANE!      
Murphy yapping & lapping at the shower water.
He also runs off with that purple shampoo bottle & takes it to his 'stash'.
"I wanna play in the shower!'
  The 6th Annual Yuck Night was, as usual....EXTREMELY YUCKY!   The FBCLS UTURN Students facebook page has ALL the pictures in an album, but here are a few of my favorites....
Seth getting the 'hurricane' treatment.

Cole being 'decorated' by his partner, Ashlyn.

VERY creative birdseed beard, pretzel eyes and Fritos mustache.

Van preparing for a little 'donut on a string...dipped in chocolate' game.
Cole wreaked havoc upon Ashlyn with the chocolate sauce.

Jonah and Logen?...oh my!

Time for BATTLE!!!!

Bekah had a bucket of 'cat yack' dumped on her head when she lost at musical chairs.
Shaving Cream with lots of mini Ritz crackers tossed in.

Attempting to clean up a bit. LOVE how the water is sheeting down his face.


Cole adds a little happy dance into the game.
Finishing up with a slip-n-slide clean up!

The photographer is supposed to be off limits to the yuck!

And finally.... our annual (and dreaded) First Day of School Picture.  Cole is starting High School ~ 9th Grade freshman!   He's endured band camp and made friends already - so I think this will pave the way to a good school year for him. BUT, as usual, he's NOT thrilled to have this picture taken...
NOT happy!
"Mama threatened me - so here's my smile."

And I think these are the absolute sweetest pictures.....
 They've spent so much time together this summer and the thought of being apart all day is just sad ~ for both of them.
Don't go....

Don't leave me.

I'll be home soon, I promise.