Friday, June 1, 2012

Cole - End of Middle School

Here's Cole on the first day of school this year....

Not exactly thrilled about the whole thing.

But HERE's Cole on the last day of Middle School.....

Yes - he's happy....because he's burning his social studies notebook! (His least favorite class/teacher.)

MUCH different face from that first picture! Wahoo!  No more Middle School ever again!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile,  we had a great time at his Spring concert....
Cole's Percussion class playing an awesome 'Stinkin' Garbage' on the trash cans.
(There's actually a stage FULL of these kids. These 3 didn't fit on the stage, so were on the side.)

Cole with his Completed 3 Years of Band
8th Grade Medal.

Blake, Mr. Chris Willis - #1 Middle School Band direct in the whole world!, and Cole - end of 8th grade.