Sunday, May 20, 2012

Murphy Joins Our Family

After the passing of dear Riley, we had a huge hole in our hearts and around the house.  We didn't want to run right out & find another dog to replace Riley - we needed some time to heal. I knew when the time was right, that God would put the right pup in our path...and He did.  

This is Murphy ~ we met him/his litter/family about a month ago.... and when I found out the pups were born on March 26th, my birthday, I knew we were in the right place, at the right time.   He's about 4 weeks old in this picture - just a wee little furball.
This is mama, Sandi, and her 7 pups.

And Champ, his dad (L), with a 2 yr old brother, Baily, (R) from another litter.

A Family Picture with Murphy before he was old enough to come home.
This is Murphy 4 weeks later.... on PUPPY DAY, 8 weeks old. Boy did he grow!
Saying goodbye to all his brothers & sisters. They were so cute!
Upon arriving home with us, Murphy walked up to Bobbin & sniffed her 'hello'.....
Bobbin was NOT appreciative of this greeting and promptly gave poor baby Murphy
a double-bop up-side the head. Poor baby! Look at his eyes.    
They have since made peace....she gives him dirty looks, and he avoids her reach.  
Within a month or so, he'll be a lot bigger than she we'll see who bops who.

Murphy loves to lay, play, sit and wallow in the clover.
Another bit of irony....  we had a really hard time trying to agree upon a name for our pup.  Doc, Moe, Chewy, Einstein, and may other names were suggested.  3 of us liked the name Murphy, but Ian didn't like it.  I finally convinced Ian to agree to 'Murphy', by buying his Wallace's BBQ twice. It was worth it.  The name Murphy just fits this puppy perfectly.  Friday night after we brought him home, I was reading over his papers and family tree.  Here comes the irony.... Murphy's great-grandfather was named...MURPHY!   How about that! 
He survived his first bath...
and forgave me for the ordeal and indignity of being hosed down in the kitchen sink.
Sweet baby Murphy  8 weeks old
The silly playful side of Murphy blossomed this evening. He had a blast playing with an plastic Easter egg, and his critter toy. He was pouncing and bouncing all over the place.
It was so fun to watch...and brought so much joy and laughter to all of us. There is nothing more fun that a silly, playful puppy. Even Ian & Cole admitted that puppies are more fun than ANY video game!!
Pouncing on his favorite critter toy.

The first night home with a puppy is usually pretty rough....whining and crying for their mom and siblings. It's hard to go from sleeping with a pile of puppies, to sleeping alone. But Murphy handled it like a champ! He didn't cry one little bit. (I took a towel with us when we picked up Murphy on Puppy Day, and rubbed it all over his mama, so her scent would be on it. This towel was placed on his bed. I don't know it it helped him, but it sure didn't hurt the situation.)    Murphy has also done exceptionally well in the potty-training department.  When we take him outside, he goes.   It wasn't until this morning (Sunday) that he had an accident. But still - to not have had any accidents until the 3rd day....we say he's genius material! hahaha!

We so grateful for the blessing of this sweet little puppy.  The companionship and love a dog gives is priceless. They give so much, and ask so little.   While we'll always miss Riley,  our hearts are ready to welcome Murphy in.  And I think Riley wouldn't mind that one bit.