Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve - A Pyromaniacs Dream

What is New Years Eve McMichen Style?

It's sitting by a campfire on a cold New Years Eve night.

Playing with fireworks.  
     LOTS of fireworks. 
          LOTS & LOTS of fireworks.
               And MORE fireworks!

Brothers being silly, having a good time together.

Kids with sparklers....
and me playing with the camera settings trying to get some cool fireworks pictures.

I have no idea how I managed to get this cool picture...Ian's face is in focus, but the rest of the picture had movement.  A totally cool accident!
Rusty making his weird newspaper flying things. 
(No, his arm is not on fire.) Some of the flaming 'balloons' worked, some didn't, but it's always fun to watch.

Never too old to act like Goobers....
...Keeping their assets warm.

A RARE quiet, still moment for Cole & Alex....
but of course they're playing with fire.

Notice the flammable warning on the packaging. hahaha!

Pretty fireworks!

 C is for Cole!

Group sparkler pictures & fun.

My absolute favorite picture of the night....
This is Mason trying to make a heart.  His girlfriend, Jessica thought it looked like a 'butt' and told him 'I butt you too, baby!'   So much for romance. hahaha!

Alan finally got to shoot off his 120 shot roman candle he got for Christmas!


2011 was another challenging year,
but when you look back on it ~ it was also full of blessings. 
There are ALWAYS blessings. 
We just have to open our eyes and see them.

Happy New Year!
May 2012 be a blessed year for us all, too.