Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catching 'Monias!

Instructions for cheap, easy, silly and challenging fun...

* Take one 13 yr old boy with a very silly, crazy, weird streak in him.

* Add 1 large bowl full of ice and water.

* Toss in 1 grape .... just to see if it will float.

* Then tell him to go bobbing for that one little grape in the bottom of the bowl.

Result ~ Messy, wet, cold fun and one CCCCCCCold faced Cole! It was so funny watching him try & catch that grape in the bottom of the ice-water bowl. I think we have a new Yuck Night game. And his face was all but frozen! Cole said he was so cold he was going to catch 'monia....which relates back to an old family joke from when he was about 3 yrs old & afraid of the 'wild monias' in a local pond after we told him that he'd catch pneumonia if he went swimming in that pond in the winter. Silly kid thought 'monias' were a scary fish with big teeth!

Seriously - this was not easy. You try it!!!