Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Other Band Member

All my blogging lately has been about Ian & the HS band, but we have another very active band member around here...Cole. He's in the TMS pep band. They go to most of the middle school games & are learning how play all those fun songs in the stands & to be crazy-fun just like the HS kids. They haven't quite got all the crazy dancing, singing, yelling down...but give 'em a break. Their games are on Saturday mornings! It's easy to be wild & crazy on Friday nights, but most of us are rather subdued & quiet on Saturday mornings.

By the way - The TMS Indians Football team has done VERY well this season. (A first for TMS!) They're headed for the playoffs! WAHOO!

This past Saturday's game the TMS band director (who is also Blake's Phi Mu Alpha fraternity brother), invited his TMS alumi/HS kids to join the middle school kids. So for once - Ian & Cole were playing in the same band. Ian had a lot of fun trying to teach the youngin's the ropes of HS band. AND just for kicks, Blake & I brought our piccolos & joined in too. The one & only time our entire family playing in the same band. How cool is that!!!

Here's some pictures from Cole's Pep Band season....

He just LOVES having me take his picture.

I wanted ONE good picture of the boys together in the same band.


This is the cooperation I got....

But my favorite picture of the day kept reminding me of someone else...

Then it hit me ~ Cole looked like the muppet character ZOOT!