Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Cole, Happy Birthday America!

July brings to fun things ~ Independence Day on July 4th, and Cole's birthday on July 6th.

On the 4th we had lots of fun with some left-over fireworks...what they were leftover from, who knows? Either last New Years or last 4th of July... But either way, we were glad to have 'em. We didn't have any of the great big impressive stuff - but we had fun with the sparklers & stuff. And it's always fun to take pictures of the sparklers.

Our neighbors had some of the really BIG fireworks, though. So, we ended up abandoning our stuff & standing at the front gate watching them light up their stuff. Their yard is small & has lots of trees, so they had the brilliant (?) plan to launch in the most open, flat spot available to them...right next to the road. It was really much too close to the road & approaching cars often swerved away from the action - but boy, did they put on a show. We laughed...how bizarre is it for us to sit at our gate & enjoy watching the neighbors break the law with their pyrotechnic show-by-the-road... and photograph it!?! Here's a collage of the ones I caught on film.

Today is Cole's 12th birthday. I can hardly believe our baby is 12! He's such a great kid and a delight to our family. He's growing like kudzu lately, too. He's constantly hungry and has even been dreaming about Wendy's bacon burgers. Cole really doesn't care for cake, so I didn't make him a birthday cake, but he wanted bacon for breakfast this morning...so I stuck a candle in with his birthday breakfast & we sang! Now that's REDNECK!!
This afternoon he wanted to go see the movie 'The Last Air Bender' & then eat out at his favorite place...Pizza Hut. WAHOO!! Happy Birthday Cole!!!! We love you!!!!