Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?!?! Halloween 09

Ahh, Halloween.... the crisp, clear, fall air, the pretty leaves, and pumpkins, and cute costumes. Well, that how it is in some places. For us Halloween 2009 was wet, misty-rainy, cold, pumpkin-free, and had some just plain weird costumes. But that's okay, 'cause we had a blast anyway!!

First in our parade of characters....

Ian as Ghostbuster Peter Venkman. Don't cross the streams!!!!

And Ian matched his new friend, 'Stupid' the boxer...they were exactly the same colors!

Next, we have a character of Cole's very own creation....'The Amazing Fart Face'!!!!
Cole actually wrote a book about him, and has continued to write other stories featuring this most unusal super hero. His costume included the appropriate sound out when Fart Face says'Pull My Finger'!

Together - quite a pair of heros??? characters??? weirdo's???....

Now we have Blake...he has leaves dangling from his hat and has to puff & blow them out of his eyes. What is he????

Blake is a Leafblower!

And me....I have snowflakes. NOOOO, despite my dear friend Donna Q's comment "I always knew you were a flake!" I am a Snowblower!

Together, we are 2 cheap & easy costumes!! (Total $ invested...$2.00. The look on people's face when they 'get' our costumes...PRICELESS!)

Rounding out our night of characters, we have nephew Alex, as Harry Potter! Wahoo! Awesome costume - Bravo, Pam, you did a fabulous job making it.

Our Church hosted it's annual JAM Fest/Trunk or Treat... which due to the weather, was moved into the gym. WOW is all I can say. We estimate 750 to 1000 folks came through our church last night. We literally ran out of candy, hotdogs & drinks. That's something that has never happened before. I think a lot of other activities were either rained out, or folks couldn't trick or treat in their neighborhood, so they ALL came to the church. That's cool! We look at it as a community outreach - and that's what we did.

Upon coming home, Cole - still going full speed on a sugar-high, decided to put on Ian's ghostbuster coveralls. I think we have a costume for next halloween, already!