Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas Card

In an effort to trim costs - postage & cards - I'm posting our Christmas card for all my on-line friends & family here. Soooo ~

Here is our official family Christmas card picture. Despite many moans & groans from Ian, much silliness & goofy faces at all the wrong times from Cole, and just a little bit of wiggling from Riley - we actually managed to get a half-way decent picture of us all. (Actually, Riley was the most cooperative member of the family. He's the only one who listens & doesn't express an opinion. *G*)

It's been an interesting year - admittedly filled with some challenges and frustrations, but also filled with endless laughter...because we have to laugh at ourselves, countless blessings,and never-ending abundant love. God is awesome, and it's in Him we put our faith and hope. Merry Christmas to everyone. God Bless you!


Marcie said...
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Marcie said...

Happy Holidays back at ya Donna Mc and family! Love your picture and I have that same snowflake necklace! My best wishes for a wonderful new year for your family, sweets. Hugggsss! .....umm, that was me that posted and then removed it to correct my spelling. *g* Sorry.