Friday, October 17, 2008

Blasts from the Past...

Here's some old pictures that I love.

The first one is Blake when he was a wee whippersnapper. Wasn't he cute! He still likes to sit on the bed nekkid & grin. *G* At least his taste in hats & shoes has improved...for the most part.

This is me ...a few years ago. Wahoo! Did I pull off that red dress & red shoes or what?! Fashion-ista in waiting? Nah, I can't take credit for it. Mama dressed me up for Christmas. I think I got the piano for Christmas, but was much more impressed with my toy horse. (It's on top of the piano in the place of honor.) The piano was given away eons ago. But I still have that horse, and several others.

And here's the four Hancock youngin's. Gary, Johnnie,David & me...all dressed up on an Easter Sunday. Me in my foo-foo dress & lacy socks -looking confused, David in that spiffy plaid suit, Johnnie in the high-waters, and Gary with the super-cool hair-doo. WHEWEE ~ we were a handsome family. *G*

Thank you, Lord, for the joys of looking back at our beginnings. We were, and still are blessed.


Naomi Haverland said...

My dad still wears highwaters- my kids make fun of him all the time!

Kristi said...
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Kristi said...

Just love those "Old Timey"....if that's a word pictures! Look at you and your blond hair. Glad you posted these.