Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camp Cole

Cole has created a unique place to camp out. He set up the play Teepee in the living room last weekend & has been camped out there ever since. He has "everything he needs"... a nice soft bed (thanks to our sleeping bag), company thanks to a few friendly stuffed animals, a view of the tv, access to the Playstation, his DS is handy, and an easy exit to the kitchen and "outhouse." He's sat in there and read the entire book (abridged/kids version) 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' is less than 24 hours, too! He's determined to keep his big brother OUT of Camp Cole, but I have news for him.... that Teepee belonged to Ian long before he ever played with it.

Camp Cole has some outstanding's a lot more economical than other camps because requires no gas to get there and has no fees, you don't get homesick, and Mama can still tuck you in at night, no 'skeeters or poison ivy, and best of all it's available 365 days a year!